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Good risk management is about being alert, implementing the right controls and taking swift action to mitigate risk during a crisis, therefore, ICICI Lombard and CNBC-TV18 present to you, the India Risk Management Awards. This award is for those who understand and take steps to ensure that the risks are mitigated to the least possible denomination.

The New Normal has redefined the way industries function. While it has made humans firewalled in their homes, it has led to neologism of ‘Boundaryless’ in the form of a ‘boundaryless organization’. A boundaryless organization usually transcends the rigid lines of bureaucracy and divisional boundaries within a corporation and ignore the borders where the corporation itself is separated from its markets, customers, and stakeholders.

The ever increase in remote and mobile workers has led to cyber-criminals targeting remote workers with an unprecedented volume and variety of attacks. And to top it all many paper-based processes are being transformed into digital ones given the crisis at hand, regulations will need to evolve in the coming months to keep pace with business practices.

The 7th edition of the India Risk Management Awards will aid corporations to navigate through these risks and put a spotlight on how they can devise & deploy a ‘Boundaryless Risk Management’ architecture that augments the strength of businesses in the new normal.


Manufacturing Sector
The New Normal has redefined the way industries function. While it has made humans firewalled in their homes, it has led to neologism of ‘Boundaryless’ in the form of a ‘boundaryless organization’. Our first Risk Management Masterclass has been a successful one. Risk Masterclass helped many businesses make ‘Risk Informed’ decisions and navigate strategies the better way.
“ICICI Lombard was the first to launch a Covid-19 specific product. In today’s times one needs to be aware of the increasing cyber-attacks”
Alok Agarwal
Executive Director, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company
“Risk is an eminent part of every business. There are 2 kinds of risk - known and unknown and we always have to stay prepared”
Dr.R S Sodhi
“Overcoming the disruptions was a herculean task. We stood strong and resilient despite the supply chains & purchasing becoming increasingly difficult”
Koushik Chatterjee
Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Tata Steel
“We ensured continuous service by using technological solutions. Over 97.5% policies issues were in paperless form. With the economic activity picking up, the worst seems to be behind us”
Sandeep Goradia
Head Corporate Solutions Group, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company
“Mitigate cyber risks by keeping things simple and not give in to complex digital mechanisms”
Parthasarthy S,
Chief Accounting & Transformation Officer, Nayara energy
“Businesses need to make “Risk Informed” decisions, pre-empt probable risks to strategy & operations to gain greater assurance on business objectives”
Vivek Chaturvedi
Risk Assurance Services Partner, PWC

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It was really interesting to learn about new age risks that have been coming up in various industries. I surely gained lot of understanding about digital risks, and the same has helped us as an organization to treat the digital risks not as a technical problem, but rather as a management problem. It has helped us transition into the new normal with much ease. Understanding the best risk management practices of the industry has surely got my creative juices running to implement such practices in my organization as well.
Inox Wind